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Green shield Certified Pest control

• Full compliance with international green pest control standards.
• Using an integrated pest management approach.
• Frequent quality, sighting logs, record keeping for an efficient control.
• Complete evaluation and certification by the international GSO.
• In conformity with HACCP , ISO 22000, food safety principles.

Termite and Pest control

• More than 8000 completed under construction projects.
• Warranty for 10 + years.
• Offering both pre construction soil treatment
• After construction infestation treatment.
• Innovative solutions to get rid of any pest infestation problem.

Wildlife stray animals removal & bird control

• Professional animal removal services.
• Humane Environmentally responsible techniques .
• Solutions to exclude unwanted animals for peace of mind.
• Detailed reports, action plans and trend analysis for a holistic solutions.
• Airport, City, farm or a private villa we have a solution .

Rodents Management

• Full site/ property inspection by our highly trained technicians.
• Detection of food, water sources and entry points.
• Design and implementation of management plan under direct supervision of qualified consultants.
• Updating client records regularly.
• Customized reports and action plans.
• Eradication of existing rodent infestation.

Bedbugs Control

• Thorough inspections by a highly experienced team of bedbugs control specialists.
• Use of various products and strategies to eradicate the toughest infestations.
• Chemical, environmental and natural solutions
Monitoring and trapping systems suitable for all types of properties.

Silo Bulk bagged & container fumigation

• Full compliance with international and regional environmental protection laws.
• Stack fumigation under tarpaulin.
• Fumigation of outdoor batched goods.
• Silo fumigation for bulk goods.
• Fumigating factories, warehouse, containers and grain silos.