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Supply of agricultural & Pest management equipment

• Distributor of full spectrum Pest management equipment.
• Sprayers, dusters, pumps, traps, baiting stations.
• Monitoring equipment: Electric fly catchers, PVC and Air curtains and insect monitoring devices.
• (PPE): face masks, goggles, gloves, overalls, air respirators, safety shoes and hard hats.

Supply & installation of PV power Generators

• Advanced equipment in collaboration of with global partners.
• First class manufacturing and engineering department.
• Provider of maintenance services for PV power generators.

Supply & installation of truck disinfecting & Hygiene monitoring equipment

• Vehicle disinfection system for food processing facilities.
• Can be installed in any type of environment “ farm, warehouse…”
• Supply and install and train on various environmental analysis equipment.
• Swabs, plates, tubes and custom media formulations.
• Solutions in air and surface sampling equipment from global brands.